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About this project
The comparison of two or more text corpora traditionally is done by manually placing paper copies next to each other. In this way, texts can be compared line by line. This project wants to combine the advantages of electronic texts (searchable, scalable) and the simultaneous visibility of two or more corpora. It tries to establish a quality assurance system for the reliability of texts and groups of texts. Researchers coming to findings using this website should mention it when they publish their research results with "Text comparison project, http://hcl.harvard.edu/libraries/harvard-yenching/related_links.cfm".

Initial text corpora

As a start, available full texts of the Red Chamber Dreams 紅樓夢 were collected in Chinese, English, German, French and other languages. Paper versions were digitized and integrated in the database of text corpora.

The project's database of text corpora, its webpages and features are publically accessible through the Link of the Harvard-Yenching Library website. Its usage is not limited to the Harvard community, but open to researchers worldwide. The public part of this website contains a growing amount of text corpora. Due to copyright reasons, these publically accessible text corpora account only for a fracture of the full database. It incorporates also additional text corpora, which are not public domain and which each user can upload individually and compare using the function of this website. Its access however is restricted to the individual user as long as the texts are not public domain.

Maintenance and legal notice

The website has been set up and is further maintained by Martin Woesler and his research team during his appointment as visiting scholar 2010-2011 in EALC at Harvard University. Please email any inquiries to martin.woesler@uvu.edu. Disclaimer: We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy of text corpora uploaded by us or any user and not for the links provided. If corrections or possibilities of enhancement are brought to our attention, we will try to apply them.

Research fellows
John Tang 唐均, Assoc. Prof. with Southwest Communications University, Chengdu; Martin Woesler 吴漠汀, Assoc. Prof. of Chinese Studies with Utah Valley University/Prof. of Intercultural Communication with University of Applied Languages/Research Associate with Ruhr University Bochum; Shannon Reed, Graduate Student at Harvard University; 杨宝莉
Yang Baoli; Visiting Fellow at Harvard-Yenching Institute; Kimberly Besio, Colby College; Zuyan Zhou, Hofstra University; Wang Ying 王颖, Mt. Holyoke College; I-Hsien Wu, Ass. Prof. with The City College of New York; 俞森林 Yu Senlin, Assoc. Prof. with Southwest Communications University, Chengdu; Hua Shaoxiang, Prof. with Southwest Communications University, Chengdu; 先玥 Xian Yue; 秦岚 Qin Lan; 扬旸 Yang Yang; 唐洁 Tang Jie; 朱莉琳 Zhu Linlin; 冀堃煜 Ji Kunyu; 刘玲 Liu Ling; 黄徐扬 Huang Xuyang; 李改梅 Li Gaimei; Eileen Berger; Dominic Dillmann; Raimund Ernst; Sabrina Finke.


This website was only possible through the help of
- James Cheng, librarian of Harvard-Yenching Library at Harvard
- Anthony W. Fergurson, librarian of The University of Hong Kong Libraries 2001-2011

David Der-wei Wang, Edward C. Henderson Professor of Chinese Literature in EALC at Harvard, sponsored the appointment of Martin Woesler as visiting scholar in 2010-2011 in EALC at Harvard


Chinese Ministry of Education, Hanban:
- Dissemination and research on Classical Chinese literature in the West. Retrospective and prospects of the example of the Western translations of the Dream of the Red Chamber “中国典籍文学在西方的传播及研究——以《红楼梦》的西方译版为例对其的回顾与展望” (project by Martin Woesler)
- "Central higher education special fund for operational costs of basic research topics - Western translations of the 'Dream of the Red Chamber' and the worldwide spread of Chinese culture' (2009-2011)" “中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金专题研究项目——外语翻译研究专题之‘《红楼梦》西方诸语言 迻译与中国文化的世界性传播’ (2009-2011年)” (project by John Tang)

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